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four cartoon monsters with different eyes and hair on black background, all looking at the same direction
Beautiful Iphone/Android Wallpapers(HD Quality)
Character Art, Country, Art, Draw, Comics, Outfits, Fan Art, Human, Chh
a painting of three people standing in front of a star with bright lights above them
a christmas card with an image of a cross and ribbon on the front, in bright colors
Set of Ukrainian Christmas Сards
Iryna Korchuk on Behance A set of Ukrainian Christmas cards for the Ukrainian diaspora in the United States and Canada. This is a vector illustrations. In the illustrations I wanted to convey the festive mood, brightness, playfulness, joy... In the compositions I used many ethnic motifs and ornaments from embroidery, woven carpets, clothes and Christmas interior decoration. © Iryna Korchuk
an image of two women holding umbrellas in front of blue sky with clouds and stars
an old russian poster with two men and a woman on the front, in red and blue
Мирон Левицький (1913–1993)
Вітальна листівка. Літерація, ілюстрація. Мирон Левицький, 1948. Торонто.
a poster with an image of two people carrying something in one hand and the words, besend egypt on it
Українські святкові листівки та привітання
War, Dnipro, Soviet, Alex, Soviet Art, Posts, Pictures, Artist
Смерть катам!
an image of the birth of jesus with angels and stars in the sky above it
Nativity by WesTalbott on DeviantArt
the words written in blue and yellow are arranged on a white paper with black ink
two women hugging each other with flowers in the background
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a drawing of a ram with horns on it's head and the words morning scribbles written below
Billy says, " Bahhhhhhhh". #morningscribbles
a valentine's day card with an image of a cute little bunny holding a rose