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three different types of resumes are shown in this image, one is orange and the other is blue
CC+A clean design simple design brand grey orange blue minimal letterhead collateral stationery branding architects architect branding
four different colored squares with the word hello written in each one's upper corner
A New Identity For an Australian Designer, and Other Graphic Design Picks For May - Sight Unseen
a black and white ticket with the number 04 on it's back side, in front of a black background
George Coltman
George Coltman — designbby: Number 04
an instruction sheet with instructions on how to use the machine
Sār Studio — MAUD – Part of Accenture Song — We build enduring brands in a world of constant change.
Sār Studio — MAUD — We build enduring brands in a world of constant change.
a sticker that says, hommay on the side of a blue surface
Hommey branding and website
a person's hand holding up a ticket for the concert, with numbers printed on it
Axel Peemöller
Genius invitation by Axel Peemoeller.
an old poster with the words new ord3r written in black on it
New Order – Visual Journal
New Order – Visual Journal
a piece of paper that has some type of writing on it with lines and dots
Studio Elana Schlenker
Studio Elana Schlenker
several different shades of blue and green on top of each other
Dark Side of Typography
visualgraphc: “ Gabriel Tan Studio - Studio Roots ”
the brochure has been designed to look like an ad for los angeles usa
Bi—Annual, Issue 01 (FW18)
Bi—Annual, Issue 01 (FW18) on Behance
three business cards with the letter m in black and white on an orange square background
Corbo design office®
Behance :: 为您呈现
the stationery is neatly organized and ready to be used for an upcoming business meeting
an assortment of stationery items including business cards and envelopes
Rus • Horror Vacui Studio
Rus — Horror Vacui Studio
two business cards with the word broma on them, both in black and white
북극섬 Arctic Works
수호 SUHO, 자화상 SELF-PORTRAIT - 북극섬 Arctic Works
many business cards stacked on top of each other in black and white stripes, with the words viesse flotatis written across them
Vessel Floats by Order — BP&O
Logo, brand identity and business cards designed by Order for Brooklyn-based flotation and deprivation therapy spa Vessel Floats