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a plate that has some food on top of it and is sitting on a table
Frischer Avocado-Mango-Mozzarella-Salat mit Rucola und Pinienkernen | Feed me up before you go-go
three small appetizers on a white plate with green garnish and sauce
Avocado Tatar mit gebratenen Jakobsmuscheln | Rezept | Johannes King
a wooden plate topped with cucumber and tomato salad on top of a table
Lachstatar mit Orangen-Honig-Senf-Soße
there are two pieces of food that is on the cutting board next to each other
Lachstatar mit Avocado von simply| Chefkoch
two stuffed peppers sitting on top of a wooden cutting board with the words avocado mitt, kase & bacon
Avocado gefüllt mit Ei, Bacon und Käse zum Frühstück
a green bowl filled with cucumber, tomatoes and other vegetables next to a spoon
Bunter Avocado Salat - Katha-kocht!
avocado joghurt dip in a jar with limes and other ingredients
Gesunder Dip
someone is eating an avocado with tomatoes and cheese on it, next to a glass of water
Gebackene Avocado mit Tomaten und Fetakäse
a glass jar filled with food sitting on top of a red and white checkered table cloth
Feta-Avocado-Aufstrich - Rezept mit Bild
an open face sandwich with guacamole on it and eggs in the background
Private Website
[Grünes Wunder] Avocado-Eier-Salat – Fräulein Zebra.