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How to get everything from your carpet or wood floors to the inside of your microwave squeaky clean!
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a woman using a steam mop to clean a couch with the help of a vacuum cleaner
The Best Upholstery Cleaners in 2022
Upholstery cleaning can seem a bit trickier than vacuuming or mopping, but whether you've got messy kids or pets, the right upholstery cleaner can keep your furniture immaculate. We've laid out what factors to consider when shopping for an upholstery cleaner and rounded up the best ones in 2022.
a man sweeping the floor with a broom
The Best Household Brooms in 2022
A broom is a basic, reliable household cleaning tool that is there for you when you need it and hidden away when you don't. Check out our top picks of the most durable and efficient household brooms in 2022.
a person in blue gloves is cleaning a sink
10-Minute Hacks to Sanitize Your Sinks
Kitchen sink drains and garbage disposals are notorious for harboring bacteria and stinky smells. Before you reach for toxic cleaning products, like bleach and drain clog removers, try some of our all-natural hacks instead.
a blue and white steam mop sitting on the floor next to a kitchen counter
The Best Steam Mops in 2022
A steam mop is different from a regular mop that requires soap or bleach because it uses heat from steam to lift dirt off the ground and disinfect the floor. We've rounded up the best steam mops of 2022 so you can clean your hard floors and carpets efficiently.
a stack of folded towels sitting next to each other
How to Keep a Towel From Raveling
Terry cloth is a woven fabric with a difference – it's covered in tiny loops of thread. The unfinished edges of terry towels will begin to fray. You can keep towels from fraying using several different methods.
Remove oil and grease stains from Uggs with a homemade Ugg stain remover using cornstarch, baby powder, chalk or baking soda. Other cleaning methods include a few drops of dish soap and water and suede cleaner products. Cleaning Uggs, Grey Uggs, Ugg Snow Boots, Suede Cleaner, Uggs For Cheap, Grease Stains, Remove Stains, Sheepskin Slippers, Sheepskin Boots
How to Remove Stains on Uggs
Remove oil and grease stains from Uggs with a homemade Ugg stain remover using cornstarch, baby powder, chalk or baking soda. Other cleaning methods include a few drops of dish soap and water and suede cleaner products.
three tomatoes are sitting on top of some pasta
How to Clean an Imperia Pasta Maker
Cleaning an Imperia pasta machine is easy if you do it the correct way, which means using only a dry brush or cloth and never using soap or water. Make the task easier by cleaning your pasta machine as soon as you finish making pasta. Waiting will leave you with dry, hard-to-remove bits of dough.
a close up view of a brown tile floor
How to Remove Yellow Stains From Floor Tile
Floor tiles can turn yellow because of moisture, hard water stains and age. To determine how to get stains out of tile floors, you'll need to see what type of tile you have and use the appropriate cleaner.
the pillows are lined up on the bed with white linens and brown fabric behind them
What Causes Pillow Cases to Turn Yellow?
Sweat and oils from your skin are the main reasons your pillowcases turn yellow. Chemicals from skin and hair care, sunlight and oxidation also contribute to the problem.
a living room with a large tv mounted to the side of it's wall
How to Get Smears Off a TV
Cleaning a flat-screen TV is pretty simple, when you use the right products. Using the wrong products can scratch the screen and destroy your investment. Use TV screen wipes or microfiber cloths to remove smears.
a white room with a bench and potted plant on the floor next to it
Is Carpet Freshener Safe?
Carpet freshener is generally a safe product to use, even in a home with kids and pets. It's commonly made from baking soda, and anyone who wants to make a nontoxic DIY carpet freshener can do so using plain baking soda.
a woman cleaning the floor with a brush
Removing Dried Paint From Carpet With Rubbing Alcohol
You can sometimes remove paint from carpet with dish soap and water. Try rubbing alcohol, vinegar, glycerin or acetone for more stubborn stains. When cleaning carpet, you should always blot and never scrub.
a woman's hand holding onto a piece of paper with a diamond ring on it
The Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergents in 2022
Take a look at the best eco-friendly laundry detergents of 2022, including liquid, powder, pods and strips.
four balls of dyed wool sit in a wicker basket
The Best Wool Dryer Balls in 2022
We rounded up the best wool dryer balls to use as a liquid fabric softener or dryer sheet alternative.
a bottle of cleaner sitting on top of a counter
The Best Natural Cleaning Products in 2022
From all-purpose cleaner to dish soap to glass cleaner to bathroom cleaner, there's a healthier alternative for each and every cleaning task.