Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, but each can have their own purpose. From vegetable producing gardens to peaceful escapes, here are planting tips, tricks and the best DIY gardening hacks.
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a patio with wooden furniture and flowers on the coffee table in front of brick wall
Amazon Prime Day 2022: The Best Patio and Garden Deals
The deals are in full swing for Amazon Prime Day 2022. You can save big on patio, garden and outdoor items right now.
a white bowl filled with fresh herbs on top of a table
How to Store Fresh Herbs so They Don't Become a Gross Mess
The best way to store fresh herbs requires simple methods and supplies. Ahead, learn how to store all of your favorite herbs, according to experts. #hunkerhome #freshherbs #freshherbideas #freshherbrecipes
the 9 target gardening essentials under $ 20
9 Perfect Target Gardening Essentials Under $20
If your summer bucket list includes any kind of planting, potting, or tending to a backyard garden, look no further than Target. #hunkerhome #target #targetessentials #targetgardening #targetfinds
a large green plant with lots of leaves on it
How to Propagate Ficus Pumila
Creeping fig care requires little time, and these vines are great as a ground cover and for covering walls. They are propagated through stems with water or a perlite/peat moss mix. Keep them away from children and pets.
a green bottle with water spewing out of it on the ground in grass
DIY Soda Bottle Sprinkler
Learn how to make a simple DIY sprinkler from an empty 2-liter soda bottle to get a free lawn sprinkler and teach your kids how to reuse something they might otherwise throw away.
close up view of the green leaves on a pine tree, blurred in the background
How to Remove Junipers
Removing overgrown juniper bushes and trees can be expensive, but if they're not too large, you can do it yourself with a saw, garden clippers and a shovel. Never trim them in the fall or if it's freezing and don't use a truck.
a living room with a chair, potted plant and mirror on the wall next to it
Parts of a Cactus
What is a cactus? A cactus is a perennial plant with absorbent, vascular tissue inside it that stores water and nutrients the roots provide. They can reproduce through seeds, vegetatively and through fragmentation.
three bees on a piece of wood with one flying away from the camera and another sitting down
Facts About a Yellow Jacket's Life Span
How long do yellow jackets live? Do yellow jackets die in the winter? It's helpful to learn these facts about yellow jackets, including their life span, information about the yellow jacket queen and more.
seed bags with gardening tools and seeds scattered around them
How to Grow Seeds in a Plastic Bag
The best thing about germinating seeds in a paper towel or pre-sprouting seeds in plastic bags is that you get to observe the seed growing process during all its phases. It's fun and easy even for very young children.
green leaves are growing on the branch of a plant in front of a black background
How to Harvest & Store Holy Basil
The process of harvesting and storing holy basil plants (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is relatively basic and is best done early in the day and once picked, you can use the basil fresh or you can also dry or freeze it and it will last for around a year.
a person slicing up a pumpkin on a cutting board
Worms in Pumpkins
Pumpkin pests include cucumber worms, which are larval stages of moths and beetles. The squash vine borer and striped cucumber beetle are two primary pests whose larvae eat pumpkin roots, stems, leaves, and fruits.
yellow flowers are blooming on the branches of a tree with blue sky in the background
Little Gem Magnolia Problems
The Little Gem dwarf magnolia is relatively free of pest and disease problems. Occasional pests include aphids, scale insects, and spider mites. Potential diseases include blight, canker, and leaf spot.
a bird is perched on the branch of a tree in front of some green leaves
How to Water a Newly Planted Leyland Cypress Tree
Properly watering a Leyland cypress (Cupressus × leylandii, USDA zones 6 to 10) is important for the tree to produce healthy, vigorous growth as well as making sure the tree grows in fertile soil that drains well to prevent problems, such as root rot.
an olive grove with lots of trees and yellow flowers in the foreground on a sunny day
Greek Native Plants
There are many types of plants from Greece. Learn to appreciate Greek ecology and discover which Greek plants also commonly grow in the United States.
a large red tank sitting on top of a wooden bench in front of a brick building
The Best Rain Barrels in 2022
Rain barrels save water but they can also help you save money on your water bill. Whether you're looking for a model that’s compact, large-capacity or aesthetically pleasing, there's a rain barrel that fulfills your requirements.