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an image of different words in the same language for children to learn with their own hands
Affichage collectif sons , phonologie: [ʒ] - école maternelle Gellow
an open children's book with pictures of people and words in french on it
La méthode syllabique : 5 livres pour bien apprendre à lire dès le CP. | Elevons nos enfants
an open children's book with pictures of letters and numbers in spanish on the page
J'apprends à lire - CharlotteBlaBla:
four different types of words in spanish with pictures of animals and letters that spell out the word
several name tags are placed on top of a woven piece of material with fringes
Ateliers Montessori
the words in spanish are displayed with pictures
La syllabe manquante - Maitresse Biglouche
the words are in different colors and sizes
jeux de phonologie - Maitresse Biglouche
the world map is shown with different countries
Ceinture Orange de Géographie
two different types of words that are in the same language
Atelier Lecture CP: Travailler la fluence - Evolution Classe