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58K views · 10K reactions | DID YOU KNOW THIS 😱 Ever experience a power outage? 🙋🏽‍♀️ We don’t have a gas stove so when this does happens it absolutely sucks 🥺 You can make your own DIY stove by adding a few tea lights to a muffin pan! Did you know this DIY home hack? SAVE THIS AND SHARED with someone who this will be helpful to!! Thank you for sharing this hack @littlepinelearners 🥹 diy home hacks , diy stove , diy life hacks , budget friendly diy home hack #diystove #diyhomehacks #homehacks | LaShana Diaz | DIY & Home Design | innergizeyourlife · Original audio
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52M views · 426K reactions | Eso tú lo sabías? #eliannyanez #yoteayudo | Tips de Tecnologia
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5.2K views · 1.1K reactions | The sunny side (south side) will cause the trees to turn to whitish, which is actually a natural sunscreen. Helpful Tip: Make sure to pick a tree that’s in the open, exposed to the elements all day. . . . #survival #survivalist #survivalskills #survivaltips #compass #outdoorsman #emergencypreparedness #prepperskills | Belle | Emergency Prep | Survival Skills | the_goodfilms · Original audio
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16K views · 2.7K reactions | Yes, it’s typically safe to just drink this water as is…as long as the plastic bag is clean (no boiling necessary). However, if you want to be extra safe, of course you can always boil it. This is just one of many ways to collect water. This does take a little bit of time, and obviously the longer you wait the more water it will yield. This may not be ideal for every situation, but you don’t typically know when / where an emergency will occur so you gotta work with what you have 😊 P.S. This should go without saying…but do NOT do this with poisonous plants. Use your brain. . . . #emergencypreparedness #prepper #outdoorsman #survival #survivalist #survivalist | Belle | Emergency Prep | Survival Skills | Lil Libe · Wood Burn
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6.8K views · 2.7K reactions | Secret Trick For Rope 😨 | Timmy Eragon | timmyeragon · Original audio
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1.8K views · 14K reactions | Credit @LittlePineLearners on TikTok Tag a friend that needs to know this life hack! A few things: ���You can’t completely cover the muffin tin holes or the flame will go out. You will have a little smoke residue on the bottom of the pot after cooking, but it easily wiped off for me! I wouldn’t suggest using your favorite pot for this. ��� Cover the pot to heat the water or food quicker #snowday #coldday #poweroutage #nopower #selfsufficiency #homesteading #lifehack | Kim Haynes Hollenshead | kimhollenshead · Original audio
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How To Make Seawater Drinkable Using Plastic Bottle
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Acorns: The Ultimate Survival Food
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Must-Have Wilderness Survival Skills For Outdoor Preparedness – Rustic Skills
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