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a barbie doll with long blonde hair wearing a pink dress and diamond necklace that says being spoiled by god hits different things
a man and woman dressed in roman armor with the text jesus told me to give up, jesus told me to suit up, cause the devil thinks i'm
blue flowers with the words when you pray, god listens, when you listens,
a painting of a woman in the rain with her hand on her chest and text saying dear jesus, you know that my heart is heavy and i'm
Christ, Motivation, Prayers
a woman in a yellow dress is surrounded by other women and the words, you shall be rebultt
a coffee cup sitting on top of a table next to a quote from the bible
In other news. I finally told my younger son I’ve been engaged in an online ministry. He didn’t bat an eyelash. Just gave me a big grin. And that was that. The house was a lot warmer last night. Downright cozy. I’m thankful for that!!! Oh. Wait. Blue sky again!!! This cold May day IS a little bit flirty. I think it *wants* to make friends. Huh. What?!?? Sunshine!!!! Excuse me. Gotta go.
an angel holding a cell phone to her ear while walking through a crowd of zombies
“Ele dará ordem aos seus anjos a teu respeito” Salmos 91.11