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a white card with gold foil on it and a fairy holding a feather in its hand
a piece of paper with butterflies and flowers on it, sitting on top of an old book
two balls of twine hanging from hooks on a wall next to boxes with plants in them
15 DIY Ideen und Anleitungen wie man mit Drahtkleiderbügeln basteln kann
a close up of a piece of paper with some beads attached to the side of it
weiß & geprägt...
a pink and white wedding card with a butterfly on the front, in three different photos
Das Glück ist ein Schmetterling...
a close up of a greeting card on a lace table cloth with ribbons and ribbon
the inside of a card is open to show it's pink and white paper
Workshop „Neuer Jahreskatalog“ – Projekt 2 Double Z-fold Card | Kleine Stempelmiez – Basteln aus Liebe