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two children's books with an image of monsters on the cover and one has a cat in it
Marginal Monster from the St Omer Psalter - folio 79r
an image of jesus sitting on a bed with other people around him and the caption reads, that famous historical moment when jesus met
A Multitude of Funny Memes for Meandering Minds
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51 Art History Memes That Are Too Funny For Their Own Good
the first documented covidd test, france 1563 was written in english
History Be Interesting
History Be Interesting
an image of a man with a dog on a leash and caption that reads, when you have to conquer monogua but the cat needs a walk first
48 Hilarious Paintings From The “Ancient Memez” Instagram Account
an image of a drawing on the side of a wall that reads weird medieval guys dog reading and wearing a funny hat, france
an image of a skeleton and nun with caption that reads, when ur supposed to be claiming soul but that fabric on flee
51 Art History Memes That Are Too Funny For Their Own Good
two men standing next to each other in front of a painting with the words when i'm drunk and try to take off a turtleneck
What Makes Medieval Art So Meme-able?
What Makes Medieval Art So Meme-able?
an image of a tweet with a dog on it's face and the caption reads, weird medical guys
30 Times Medieval Painters Had No Idea How Something Looked And Created Weird Medieval Guys, As Shared On This Twitter Page
funny meme Urban, Art Jokes
Meme Deportes
funny meme
an image of two skeletons fighting in the woods
16 Memes That Nail What It's Like to Get Sick When You Already Have a Chronic Illness
three skeletons dancing in the middle of a field with text that reads, when the g's falls off the graveyard sign
two pictures of dogs with different facial expressions and the caption says, when you come home smiling of someone else's dog
17 Medieval Memes That'll Make You Wonder What In The Flying F*ck Was Going On Back Then
an old manuscript with a drawing of a person laying on the ground
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