Homestead Beekeeping

Beekeeping, How to become a beekeeper, bee tips & tricks #beekeeping #homestead
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a bee sitting on top of a yellow flower with the words create a bee friendly garden
Create a Bee Friendly Garden
Plant a bee friendly garden with design ideas that includes flowers and plants attractive to honey and bumble bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Make landscaping decisions that make bees feel at home to help grow their populations. With special plant selection, you can create borders, rain gardens, and companion planting guilds to create a bee friendly oasis. We've also included a lead on how to make a mason bee house!
a bunch of bees with the words what are drone congregation areas on it and an image of
Drone Congregation Areas: What are They? - Carolina Honeybees
Drone Congregation Areas
a beekeeper holding a stick with the words best beekeepers suit
Best Beekeeping Suit
When it comes to selecting the best beekeeping suit, several factors should be considered to ensure optimal protection and comfort.
the beekeeper's starter kit buying guide
The 6 Best Beekeeping Starter Kit
The 6 Best Beekeeping Starter Kit of 2021
bees on honeycombs with the words types of bees most common species above them
Different Types Of Bees
Bees pollinate flowers and make honey. Read more to learn about 17 different types of bees commonly found in your garden. Which are beneficial? Which are deadly? #beekeeping #bees #beehive
Best Beekeeping Suit
Ensuring that you have the best bee suit possible is essential if you want to enjoy harvesting honey and interacting with bees without those pesky stings. #beekeepingsuit #backyardbeekeeping
how to treat a bee sting on someone's hand with text overlay that reads, how to treat a bee sting
How To A Treat Bee Sting
OUCH! You've just been stung by a bee. What should you do next?
a man standing next to some beehives in a field with the words, homestead beekeepering
Homestead Beekeeping
Save the Bees! This board is dedicated to this wonderful pollinator and my great grandfather, Frovin Rasmussen who raised bees and a honey business in, buzz! Hopefully one day we will live on property large enough to support our own colony of honeybees #savethebees #queenbee #honeymaker #buzzbuzzbuzz
the words homestead cooking are in front of bowls with cherries and lemons
Homestead Beekeeping
Beekeeping, how to become a beekeeper, bee tips & tricks #beekeeping
beehive with the words how to get up your pretty beehive
How To Set Up Your First Beehive - Runamuk Acres Farm & Apiary
How to Set up Your First Beehive: from Runamuk Apiaries in Maine! Learn how to get started with bees, how to purchase honeybees, the difference between a package or a nucleus colony, where to site your apiary, and more!
a beekeeper holding up a piece of beeshive
Tools Every Beekeeper Needs To Have
When browsing the latest beekeeper supply catalog or website, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the limitless options available to beekeepers. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily need to purchase a long list of supplies to start beekeeping. Below is our list of tools every beekeeper needs to have: #heritageacresmarket #bee #bees #beekeeping #savethebees #honeybee #honeybees #beehive #beekeeper #beekeeping
a man in bee suit and protective gear working on a hive box with the words backyard bee keeping what to do before you get bees
Beekeeping What to Consider Before You Get Bees
What you need to do (and know) before you get your bees for backyard beekeeping.
honeybees with the words free honeybee disease testing on top and below it
Free Honeybee Disease Testing
Diagnosing bee diseases can be tricky, and proper diagnosis is required for proper treatment. Do your bees have nosema? Do they have American Foulbrood? Or are they stricken with something else entirely?
two hands holding a bee with the words free insurance for honey bees
Free Insurance for Honey Bees
Did you know the United States Department of Agriculture offers two programs, ELAP and NAP, to cover honey bee losses? Best of all, enrollment is free! #heritageacresmarket #bee #bees #beekeeping #savethebees #honeybee #honeybees #beehive #beekeeper #pollinators #honey #honeycomb #beeswax #beekeeping #apiary #apiculture #backyardhives
a beekeeper is inspecting the honey in his hive box with text overlay that reads,
Beekeeping for Beginners & Honey 101
Beekeeping for Beginners – One small hive can keep your family in honey all year. Not only do our bees supply us with honey, but they also pollinate our gardens and fruit trees. #bees #beekeeping #honey #savethebees