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plums and nectarines are on the table next to a baking dish with fruit in it
Mes prunes rôties aux épices
a close up of a cake with cherries on it and a fork next to it
Gâteau Fondant aux Cerises et Ricotta | Gourmandise Assia
there is a sandwich on a white plate with spoons next to it and a jar of jam in the background
Migliaccio - Gâteau à la semoule & ricotta
some powdered sugar covered pastries on a white plate next to purple orchids
Beignets à la ricotta - Bistro de Jenna
two desserts with nuts and chocolate in glass bowls on a table, one being spooned into the bowl
Pudding de chia express au chocolat et beurre de cacahuète (végan et sans gluten)
a cake covered in blueberries and other toppings
Blackberry Pavlova with Cardamom | Adventures in Cooking