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three sheep embroidered on the back of a shirt that is laying on top of a bed
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Basic Casual Embroidered Graphic Denim Shorts
a close up of a hoodie with two dinosaurs on it
easy sewing crafts for christmas - easy sewing crafts to make and sell
a towel with a sloth on it laying on top of blue and white stripes
a black t - shirt with the sun embroidered on it's chest and an ocean wave
Sun and wave embroidered sweatshirt
a white t - shirt with a world map drawn on it
a close up of a embroidery on a piece of cloth with trees and mountains in the background
Easy Mountain Embroidery Pattern For Beginners || Modern Embroidery For Home Decor - Let's Explore
a person is holding up a embroidery project with potted plants on the shelf in front of them
a potted plant with green leaves in a blue vase on a white wall hanging
a potted plant is on the table next to some thread and scissors, which are also embroidered onto fabric
a collection of potted plants on a white background with the words houseplants written below
House plants | Urban jungle