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a model of a mansion with trees and bushes
Villa Giulia - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia
an architectural plan and elevation drawing of a building with columns on each side, in front of a domed dome
Chiswick House, by Lord Burlington
an old drawing of a building with columns and arches
(Neo)Classical Architecture
two drawings of the front and back of a building
Banqueting room and the (building) plan.
an architectural drawing of the front and side of a building with columns, windows, and arches
Drawing, Design for a small library: front elevation, section, plan
Front elevation, above, of a small building in the classical style, standing on a podium. Center, a section through a side elevation, showing the vestibule, delivery room, and Stack room. Plan, below, and detail of order (Corinthian), left.
an aerial view of a large building in the middle of a park
Villa Palazzo Farnese Caprarola - Virtual Tour 360°
an ornately decorated building with potted trees in the foreground
Home of the Happy Buddha - Mekong Delta Tour #travelling #vietnam
an old building is lit up at night with its reflection in the water below it
a large building with lots of trees and bushes
GB_Harewood_House_Yorkshire_02 1840 Formal parterre terrace by Charles Barry, Landscape garden beyond by Lancelot “Capability” Brown ca. 1770.
an image of a geometric design with lines and dots
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BERNARDO VITTONE - Búsqueda de Google
an old drawing of a floor plan for a building with several rooms and two floors
Borromini, first scheme for S. Carlo alle Quattro Fontane
an old drawing shows the floor plan for a house
Plans (drawings), Maison de M. Croizat
Plans (drawings), Maison de M. Croizat, ground floor
an old drawing of a floor plan for a building with four floors and three arches
the floor plan for an old house with several rooms and two courtyards, including one in
Claude Nicolas Ledoux