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a watercolor painting of a woman with her eyes closed
Green Shadow - Agnes Cecile
a painting of a person with a book on their head, sitting in bed and holding a cup
a painting of a woman in an orange dress with her hair blowing in the wind
a drawing of a woman's head with wavy hair and gold thread on it
blue flowers against an orange background
a drawing of a woman holding her hands with yellow lines on the side of her body
Grace Under Pressure (the Golden Thread) - pastel and gold leaf
a drawing of a woman's back with gold and black lace on it, against a gray background
Stephanie Rew - Artwork
a painting of a woman with red hair wearing a gold and silver jacket, standing in front of a wall
an abstract painting with blue and orange colors
Artists at Lime Tree Gallery
Blue Drift II by Peter Wileman FROI RSMA FRSA
an abstract painting with green and blue colors
turquoise lime - Four Seasons - Spring by San-T on deviantART (cropped for detail)
some water bubbles are seen in this close up photo, and it looks like they have been
Large and small beads
a close up view of the wood grains on a tree trunk that has been split in half
Indigo Blue and Lime Trees
Indigo Blue and Lime Trees