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a christmas card with reindeers and stars on the side, in front of a purple background
a christmas card with the word noel written in white and green letters, decorated with holly leaves
a red and black plaid christmas card with white pine trees on the front, saying joyful christmas wishes
Tim’s trees
a christmas card with a green tree on the front, and white polka dot background
Today's the DAY! Fundraiser Day!
Very cute Christmas card, if you want this great layout for another occasion just exchange the Christmas tree with another another image.
a close up of a christmas card on a table next to some red and white decorations
Two Backgrounds, Three Cards
a merry christmas card with a santa hat and beard on the front, sitting on top of a wooden table
Christmas Gnome
a close up of a card on a wooden stand with stars in the back ground
Birthday Card with 3 Hearts for Girls
a handmade christmas card with lots of different designs on it, and the words happy holidays written in red
Echo Park – A Gingerbread Christmas – 25 cards from one 6×6 paper pad - Kristie Marcotte
three christmas trees on a table with other cards and papers in the background, all handmade