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a woman sitting at a table with a note in her hand and the words just thought i
Funny Workplace Memes & Ecards | Someecards
a person typing on a computer with the caption nothing makes me feels so old as having to scroll down to find my year of birth
Nothing makes me feels so old as having to scroll down to find my Year of Birth.
i judge you when you use poor grammars by sharon elza nicholas, paperback
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It's true.
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Lil Wayne<3
Depression.... Image Positive, Sigmund Freud, Low Self Esteem, Intj, Life Advice, The Words, Good Advice, Bones Funny
the words are written in blue and black on a light green background with white lettering
I never said I hated you. . . =)
a quote that reads,'rome & julia is just another example of why communication within a
Carrie B. McEwan
Communication. It's important.
an image of a quote that says, those who like me raise your hand those who don't raise your standards
Lol so true!
lol, so true! lol! Positiva Ord, Unknown Picture, Inspirerende Ord, You Are My Friend, Fina Ord, I Love Pizza, Behavioral Science, Queen Elsa, Clipuri Video
You're just so hilarious
lol, so true! lol!