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an image of a colorful object in the air
29K views · 888 reactions | If you’re interested in learning my techniques I have a detailed video course. Let me know if you’d like the link! This us made with acrylic paints with Pebeo Ultimate Pouring Medium that comes with a separate catalyst cell activator in the pack.To learn my techniques please click the video link on my profile page.#abstractart#fluidart#art#originalart#fluidartist#liquidart#acrylicpour#pourart#cellart#fluidacrylics | Nancy Wood | Roman Nagel · Passacaglia
an image of the inside of someone's stomach
'Venus' ~ Soft and Beautiful Acrylic Pour ~ Bloomswipe Technique (180)
(180) 'Venus' ~ Soft and Beautiful Bloomswipe/Scoop & Drag Technique - YouTube
an abstract painting with yellow and blue colors
an abstract painting with blue, yellow and white colors
Sheleeart - Splat
trying something new sheleeartstyle
an abstract painting with blue and purple colors
3D Bubble acrylic pour FLUIDART
the process of painting black and white paintings with gold trimmings is shown in three different stages
an abstract black and white painting hangs on the wall
3 black, white, silver paintings | Under 5 minutes | Dutch pour painting compilation
an abstract painting is displayed on a white wall
Stephanie Estrin
someone is working on an art project with paint
Abstract art using fluid art paint! “Luminous” combining techniques.
Abstract art using fluid art paint! “Luminous” combining techniques. - YouTube