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a bird flying through the air with a leaf in it's beak and words above it
a woman holding her hands up in the air with a quote above it that reads, no has no mundo exegero mais belo que a gratidio jean de la bruyre
a person sitting on a bench with the sun setting in the background and text that reads calm
a woman's foot with the words in spanish on it and an image of her feet
two hands holding a flower with the words peter pires in spanish and english on it
Boa noite
#MadreTereza Gratitude, Bayern, Spirituality, Snoop Dogg
a little boy sitting on the floor with a lit candle in his hand and a woman's hand reaching for it
Animals, Paulo Coelho, Reiki, Didi, Teddy Bear
a person sitting on the beach with a paper boat in front of them and a quote above it
a blue bird sitting on top of a plant next to a quote from an unknown person
a message in a bottle on the sand with a ship inside it and birds flying around
a hummingbird flying through the air with its wings spread out in front of the sun
a woman standing on top of a grass covered field with birds flying over her head