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a red background with a rose in the middle and some water droplets on the bottom
a glass filled with colorful lights on top of a table
I love how the colorful lights in the background shows in the glass, and then the rest of the image is darker.
a bottle with some flowers in it sitting on the sand near the ocean at sunset
a single red rose in a glass bottle on the beach at sunset with waves coming in
the words stare your instructions, feed your focus in black and white on a pink background
k a t i e 🥀 @kathryynnicole
a seagull flying over the water with its wings spread
a seagull standing on the beach with its beak in it's mouth
Photo by Tina Nord on Pexels
a painting of a seagull sitting on a piece of wood with fireworks in the background
Terri Hill
Terri Hill
a seagull is standing on the beach near the water's edge looking for food
If you live near the water, you see little shorebirds all of the time. This guy is one of my favorites.
a painting of a seagull flying in the blue sky with its wings spread