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an advertisement for the bologna festival 2012 featuring two violins with bow ties on them
26 poster ideas (and templates) to create buzz for your next event
25 poster ideas to inspire you | Canva – Learn
a black and white drawing of a potted plant
Postitive/Negative Space Drawing
Drawing the negative shapes can give us a better understanding of an object.
a black umbrella on a red background with the shadow of it's top half
Start A Fire
Avinoam ‘Noma’ Bar is an Israel-born artist and graphic designer renowned for his negative space artworks that have adorned the covers of over 100 magazines. He has published over 550 illustrations and even released two books of his work: (1) Negative Space and (2) Guess Who – The Many Faces of Noma Bar. Bar’s work […]
a woman is sitting in the water with her back to the camera and looking at something
Donna Watson Art
Japanese woodblock print. nice use of negative space Definitely an inspirational piece More
a black and white image of a cat with its paw in the air, on a white background
This is an amazing example of positive and negative shapes.
a black and white drawing of a person on a skateboard in the air above other objects
Negative Space | Draw Draw Draw
a drawing of two chairs and a table
Negative Space - www.liluinteriors.com
Blog#5: Negative Space by Ally Evander, Allied Member, ASID
a drawing of a chair sitting in the grass
Negative Chair by headlessdecapitation on DeviantArt
Negative Chair by ~headlessdecapitation on deviantART
a black and white drawing of a chair
~~Burlingame High School: Oops! This page is not yet published.
four drawings of chairs and stools in various stages of construction, from the front to the back
bauhaus dessau
albers introductory courses - Google Search
a drawing of a chair that is drawn on paper
Negative Space Chair by maeoneechan on DeviantArt
Negative Space Chair by ~maeoneechan on deviantART
a drawing of a woman with her arm around another woman's neck, in red and white striped sweaters
a drawing of a chair in the middle of a room
Chair Drawing contour drawing added value w/ pencil colored neg space to create focal point
a black and white drawing of some plants
this painter has used negative space, this is a very good technique and works well with ink.Heather Selwood - Artist based at Cuckoo Farm Studios, Colchester