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several plates of food on a table with wine and candles in the backround
Italian dinner
a table is set with plates, silverware and candles
a sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes in a container
The Big Egg
french fries and dip on a black plate
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two pandora sandwiches sitting on top of each other in paper wrappers next to boxes
La vie est belle (@lavieestbelIe) on X
blueberry crepes with chocolate drizzled on top and fresh blueberries
a person holding a pizza in their hand while sitting on top of a cardboard box
pancakes, fruit and chocolate sauce on a white plate with spoons next to it
It’s pancake day in the UK which means homemade pancakes and fruit platter w/ a healthy serving of Nutella ofc :)
a white plate topped with pasta covered in cheese and seasoning next to a fork
stella 🕊️ (@etherealdior) on X
pepperoni pizza slices are on a baking sheet and ready to be baked in the oven
Pizza Toast
a white bowl filled with chocolate chip cookies
Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites - Cooking Classy