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a large glass door with an abstract design in the center and two lights above it
Gres Porcellanato, Pavimenti e Rivestimenti in Ceramica - Fiandre
Precious Stones Agata Azzurra architecture | living | lifestyle | interior design | stone | natural stone | projects | interiors | elegant | exclusive | style | decor | marble | inspiration | design | fashion | granite | quartzite | porcelain
two stools and a table made out of wood
Hockerbank series by Johanna Dehio
Hockerbank series by Johanna Dehio | Stoolbench
a man sitting at a black table with his feet on the table and legs crossed
"Linger A Little Longer" table - design Jay Watson. La finitura termocromatica risponde al calore dei corpi con cui entra in contatto.
two wooden stools sitting next to each other
The Design Walker
Low stackable solid wood stool ZIG + ZAG J+i Collection by Riva 1920 | design Sakura Adachi
a table with a flower on it and some metal legs
Account Suspended
love the sculptural effect from only 1 flower.
a wooden bench with red string attached to it and two hands holding the top one
Check out the webiste for other cool ideas - http://www.designsoil.jp/en/archives/category/works - CJ
a lamp that is on top of a white table with a wooden stick underneath it
Triennale Milano
Avvitamenti - lampada, Carlo Contin, Autoproduzione - Subalterno 1, 2013, courtesy Carlo Contin / Autoproduzione oggi / Dall'Autoproduzione all'Autosufficienza.
a white stool with a wooden seat and two screws attached to the backrest
avvitamenti furniture collection by carlo contin for subalterno1
avvitamenti furniture collection by carlo contin for subalterno1
three different types of wooden furniture in various positions and sizes, including one with a curved seat
20 Great Space Saving Ideas
Modular Chairs That Combine Into One
a dining room table with flowers in a vase on it and pictures hanging from the ceiling
Anda Andrei, Ian Schrager's Design Guru, Is Making Her Own Mark
The kitchen in Andrei’s New York apartment features a custom light fixture by…
a large metal object hanging from a string
Lampada a sospensione GUGGIE By BAXTER
Lampada a sospensione GUGGIE by BAXTER | design Angela Ardisson
a stack of books sitting on top of a wooden table next to a light fixture
37 Fantastic Ideas How To Decorate Your Home With Books
a long wooden table sitting in the middle of a room filled with tables and chairs
Home - Reclaimed Interiors
Scaffold table base with seating pod attachment (made to order) | Reclaimed Interiors
an open barn door in a living room
Room Transformations from the Property Brothers
Barn door detail | As seen on HGTV's Property Brothers