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an old book cover for the fireside book of ghost stories
Frankenstein's Fun House
an old book with two owls on it's cover and the title, woods mythical & otherwise
solstice child
an old book with the title tales of the grottesque and arabesque
Book cover design by Edward Gorey
an old book with bats flying in the sky and a castle at night behind it
the halloween tree by ray bradbury
This Holiday Season, Give the Greatest Gift of All: Books!
a book cover for the peter straub ghost story with an image of a cat
Ghost Story, Peter Straub
the ghost next door why folk st john
The Ghost Next Door
a book cover for mystery by moonlight
the front cover of stories of haunted inns
a book cover for quiet neighbors by catronia mcpherrsonon with an old house in the background
Quiet Neighbors: A Novel
a book cover with an image of two horses pulling a carriage through the woods in winter
Chilling ghost stories
the book cover for ghost stories of an antiquary
10 Greatest Horror Story Collections
an image of vintage books with the title free vintage book spines and covers
DIY Shelf From Faux Vintage Books