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there are many oranges growing in the planter and it is time to grow them
how to grow tangerines from seeds (101 Gardening)
how to grow tangerines from seeds | 101 Gardening | Bloglovin’
four wheelbarrows with the words 40 essential home - based items for beginners
40 Essential Homestead Items for Beginners
You may not need every homesteading tool that I use, but over time you'll figure which ones you need for your homestead. Here are the essentials. #homesteadsurvivalsite #homestead #homesteading #offgrid #tools #supplies
a pot sitting on top of an open fire
I Tried Eating Like a Pioneer for 100 Days and This Is What Happened
When the pioneers were moving out West, they didn’t have any grocery stores, supermarkets, or restaurants they could stop by to resupply themselves as they went. Instead, they had to stockpile on foods that wouldn’t spoil and carry them on their wagons, as well as live off of the land to resupply themselves that way. And even once the pioneers did find a plot of land that they would build their homes on, they still had to grow their own food and forage. Refrigeration, canning, and other strategies to preserve food didn’t exist back then either. A few months ago, I got the bright idea to prepare and eat meals exactly as the pioneers did for 100 days straight. Here’s how it went.
Affinity Photo Tutorial, Homestead Farm, Homesteading Skills, Survival Life Hacks, Homestead Living, Budget Planer, Decoration Plante
10 Old-Fashioned Money Saving Skills That You NEED to Learn
chickens with the words top 11 ways to accidentally kill your chickens
Top 11 Ways to Accidentally Kill Your Chickens
This is certainly something you don’t want and something that you can easily avoid. Know about these 11 ways that can accidentally kill your chickens and how to avoid them.
four different types of vegetables are shown in this poster
Vegetable Garden Site Preparation: How To Find And Prepare The Best Spot For Your Veggie Garden
Unsure where you are going to grow your vegetables? Spring is here and time is running out! Let's get you started with vegetable garden site preparation! #vegetablegarden #raisedbeds #sitepreparation
three chickens eating from a blue bowl with the words gentle ways to rid your chickens of worms naturally
How to Deworm a Chicken Naturally • New Life On A Homestead
Chickens regularly suffer from intestinal parasites, but you don't need to resort to medications to get rid of them if you know a few natural solutions. #chickens #homesteading
a woman kneeling down next to chickens in the grass with text overlay that reads, i totally double first year prepressing goats to make
11 Feasible First Year Homesteading Goals - Back Road Bloom