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some people are swimming in the clear blue water
Summer in Greece aesthetic
many people are on the beach and in the water
two glasses of wine are sitting on a table in front of the snow covered mountains
two wine glasses sitting on top of a table next to a fire pit with mountains in the background
a person sitting at a picnic table with food on it in front of some mountains
the city is full of tall buildings and skyscrapers
three people sitting on the edge of a swimming pool in a field with grass and trees
The resort is surrounded by 16 acres of tropical gardens, and there’s an onsite spa where you can treat yourself to moisturising skin wraps, rejuvenating scrubs and massages. Elba, Destinations, Turismo
The most relaxing holiday destinations
an empty swimming pool surrounded by trees and bushes
the water is crystal blue and clear with people walking on it, near some buildings
A Quick Guide to Visiting Scopello & the Tonnara, Sicily
a basket filled with lots of different types of food
julia 🍁🤎 on X
an outdoor dining area overlooking the water at sunset