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there are many screws attached to the wall
Dès la porte d’entrée, du made in Sezigue est présent. Un morceau de bois qui traine par là et quelques vieux clous : la maison est estampillée. Son numéro fabriqué puis posé, voici une adres…
the number four is written in white on an old black paper with writing underneath it
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urban number boards by Charles Jerred Countrybuzzins
a wooden sign that has some kind of rope hanging from it's back end
DIY Driftwood Hang Tags
Driftwood Hang Tags- cool for house numbers!
a blue and green mosaic tile with the number forty on it's center piece
a colorful mosaic tile with the word go written in large letters on it's side
Number 39
a mosaic with the number nine and a flower on it
We decided on a light blue background - now for grouting painting and sealing Fx
a mosaic tile with a cat on it's face and sunglasses in the middle
For No 42 with a cat
a green and white mosaic tile design on the wall
#mosaic #house #number - this one is for #peapod #cottage