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a painting with an image of a butterfly on it's wings and the words, i'm a two inch little woodland fairy trapped in a human female body
perla (@ladycranes) • Instagram photos and videos
the words i don't want a body i want to be a glowing orb
i don’t want a body
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sneak peek
me and who
me and who
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Dream life
a painting of a woman standing in front of a mirror with the words getting ready on it
getting ready
an animated image of a woman laying on a bed
a cartoon character pushing a man in a bed with the caption, pov i tried telling my dad my side of the story
for you people who don’t even talk to your dad 😘😘
a black and white cat with a chef's hat on it's head
two cats sitting on top of a counter in a room with shelves filled with pictures
there is a forest with trees and the words where i post from