*the chariot* she/her

for melissa, because she's my school bestie
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a cat laying on top of a pink blanket
four cats sitting around a table with a plate in front of them that says, girlboss meeting
Elevate Your Weekend With Some Spicy Cat Memes Thrown Into Your Caturday Scrolling To Heat Up Your Time Off
a small white rabbit with a pink bow on it's head eating from a plate
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two cartoon characters are holding hands with each other
a white teddy bear with a pink comb on it's head that says, 3 full of rage
two white iron gates in the middle of a garden
Ord, Yeah, Mood, Core
an image of a man and woman dressed in costumes
a cat in a pink dress sitting on top of a leopard print blanket with the caption, cite my sources? how about my beautiful mind
a girl with long hair and a bow on her head
I love you ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
a woman holding a wooden stick with the caption all my life i have been performing for ungrateful audiencess
a collage of pictures with the words i love this type of picture so much
୨୧·˚ ༘♡
i don’t make the rules 🤷‍♀️
i was meant to be rich if i can tell by the way i spend money
a white plate topped with different types of cosmetics and perfume bottles next to each other
Instagram, People, I Laughed
🎀 lauren ☆
a tiger sitting on top of a large rock next to a mountain covered in snow
the typa shit I’ve been on
the words angel sun princess moon fairy rising are in front of an open tube of lipstick
Marla Singer, New Energy, Literally Me, What’s Going On
Cute Memes, Yandere
his one nd only
a text message that reads, nervous mighty being a princess is a lot of work i need a milkshake source nevous
a cartoon cat with the caption, this chapstick will make me the most luscious - lipped maiden in all the valley
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Thoughts, Beautiful, Dope, Frases
a tweet that reads, what do u mean my actions have to consequents i'm literally a girl
an old book page with flowers and wreaths on it's borders, in green
Make a Daisy Chain or Flower Crown!
Make a Daisy Chain or Flower Crown!
an image of the virgin mary ko - ko - bop jimmy, jimmy ride
A&w is the new anthem
Sayings, Am I Mentally Ill
a frog with the caption top or bottom? i was sent to destroy you
a black and white cat laying on top of a bed covered in pink flowers next to pillows
I think you're crazy, baby.
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