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a rope attached to a tree trunk in the woods with moss growing on it and trees around
En laisse
bees crawling on the bark of an old tree trunk in front of a building that has been gutted
some trees that have fallen down in the woods with moss growing on them and green grass
moss growing on the bark of a tree
a yellow and black arrow painted on the bark of a large tree in the woods
a pile of dirt sitting on the side of a road in front of some trees
En tas
some very large logs with moss growing on them
En ligne
the wood is very large and has interesting patterns on it
a tree stump with moss growing on it
Vieille souche
an animal that is standing in the grass next to a tree trunk and barbed wire
mossy rocks and leaves are all over the ground in this close up photo,
a tree that has been cut down and is next to a barbed wire fence
a pile of wood shavings that are brown and white
En vrac
a close up of a tree stump with a plant growing out of it's center