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a yellow and red bird feeder hanging from a tree
Easy Upcycled Front Yard Decorating Idea DIY
Spring is coming soon! celebrate by decorating your backyard or front garden with this creative yard art idea using repurposed strainers you can get at your dollar store or thrift store. This outdoor decor idea is quick and perfect if you're decorating on a budget. #diy #outdoor #decor
a person is holding an item in their hand near some other items on the shelf
Everyone will be buying solar lights after seeing these hacks!
two lights that are on the side of a wall
Broken Ceiling Fan Light Kit to Solar Chandelier
Our 20 year old ceiling fan broke and was being replaced. Being the crafting person I am, I couldn’t just throw the old fan with lights away. I wanted to salvage all the pieces I could for those future projects you read about on I took the whole thing apart and saved pretty much everything except the broken motor and the housing. Many of the parts will become wind chimes at a later date. The blades and glass light covers are headed to my local thrift store. After disman…
the instructions for making a mason jar with clothes pins and magnets in it are shown
One Good Thing by Jillee: Making Homemaking Simple and Enjoyable
an electronic device is laying on the ground next to some batteries and other items that have been placed around it
6 Common Reasons Why Solar Lights Stop Working (Ways to Fix!) - Solar Living Savvy
a solar powered garden light with text overlay that reads, diy quick fix for solar garden lights they will last 50 % longer & be 100 % brighter than brand new
DIY Quick Fix For Garden (SHTF, Camping) Solar Lights
a person is lighting a solar powered light
3 Easy Ways to Clean Solar Lights
the contents of a solar powered lamp and other items
Restoring Plastic Solar Cells Like New
Need my yard to look like this
a hand is holding an object in front of a red container with a black square on it
Solar Light Cleaning Hack
the contents of a solar powered device are laid out on a table with other items
Restoring Plastic Solar Cells Like New
How to transform a garden ? 6 ways to decorate your courtyard
some blue and white items on a table
Make Concrete Tiles Yourself – Housewarming Gift
Today I have another nice DIY gift idea for you. A housewarming gift! I’ll show you how you can make beautiful decorative concrete tiles yourself. This is perfect for gifts of money around the topic of home
Amazing Landscaping Project
DIY Gardening Video Ideas For You! Follow for More!
three black and gold lamps sitting on the steps