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an open file cabinet sitting on top of a white table next to a folder case
a black book with blue and purple designs on the cover is sitting in front of a white background
a room with lots of different color samples on the wall
many different wooden objects are arranged in a grid pattern on the wall, including square ones and rectangular ones
a black book holder with three books in it and an intricate design on the front
Beautiful lasercut slipcase that accentuates the starkness of white against black
a book with black and brown squares on it
Decoration, Metallica, Haute Couture, Packaging, Cosmetic Design, Cosmetic Packaging
Palette | untactil
an assortment of different types of binders in various shapes and sizes, including one with holes on each side
The result, early 2022: – A Table Top Box – A Fabric Sample Book – A Fiber Box The entire visual language was redefined in terms of materiality, form and typography. We could go on for a very long time describing every detail. We believe that the photos and the video speak for themselves. And if there are any questions left: feel free to contact us!