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a diagram with many different types of circles and lines on it, all connected to each other
an illustrated diagram shows the various parts of a building that are connected to each other
Ecosistema Urbano, investigaciones comparables
an info board with different types of circles and numbers on it, including the words'conceptual
a map shows the location of different areas in this area, including buildings and roads
Gate City ӏ LEVEL80 ӏ architects
The system includes city-level facilities, social infrastructure, a district service center, and built-in local subcenters. #level80 #level80architects #urbanplanning #urbanism #siteplan #masterplan
a map showing the locations of different buildings
GARDEN City LEVEL80 architects
GARDEN City LEVEL80 architects
an aerial map shows the location of the new parking lot at the corner of east and west
Right up our alley
a map with red dots indicating where the campus is located and what it looks like
Anant National University
Case Western Reserve University Master Plan – Sasaki
a map with red dots on it shows the location of different areas in which people are currently
an architectural diagram shows the various areas in which people can see what they are doing
Проект двора в ЖК "Фаворит", 4-я очередь
a map showing the location of several different roads and locations for various areas in which there are
the plans for an urban park with lots of green space and buildings on each side
COMFY PLACE | Workshop project, Urban Density Lab 2019
an aerial view of a city with lots of buildings and water in the foreground