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several different colored pieces of paper hanging on the wall
Origami Shadow Art of Actual Faces
a large poster with many different types of people on it and the words everything that have been
an old newspaper with a tree in the foreground and many other words on it
William Kentridge, Concerning Narrative, 2013
a man is working on some type of artwork
William Kentridge_Collage_in the studio
a metal insect sculpture sitting on top of a white table
giacometti woman with cut throat
two images of a woman sticking her tongue out
Open My Glade
Open My Glade - Pipilotti Rist
a woman holding a tennis racket on a city street
exhibitions & events | ArtSlant
Pipilotti Rist, Ever Is Over All , 1997, audio-video installation by Pipilotti Rist (video still)
a group of people climbing up the side of a brick building on top of each other
Listes des artistes de cirque et art de la rue
Bodies in Urban Spaces is a rare and unique performance where dancers move throughout a city and organize their bodies into the nooks and crannies of public space.
a large yellow object sitting on top of a floor
Ernesto Neto
grapes and figurines are on the table next to each other, with tiny people standing in front of them
Artist: Slinkachu
three different views of an art gallery with various sculptures on the floor and in the middle
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Some/One By The Artist Do-Ho Suh
a woman standing in front of a mirror looking at her reflection wearing a black dress
Mirror installation / Ron Gilad