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a snow covered bench sitting in the middle of a forest
Andy Goldsworthy - escultura, naturaleza
Andy Goldsworthy neige et pierres
a black and white photo of rocks in the desert
Les favoris d'Urbain, trop urbain
Richard Long, Nomad Circle, 1996 Mongolia Plus
a circular structure made out of branches in the woods
Andy Goldsworthy – sublime and beautiful environmental art
two pictures of trees that have been wrapped in white paper and tied to the ground
Land Art : JP DUBS since 2006
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a red line is painted on the side of a rock
Land Art
Nils Udo - 1990 "Même si je travaille parallèlement à la nature, et n'interviens qu'avec la plus grande prudence, une contradiction essentie...
a trail in the woods with leaves on the ground next to it and a circle made out of leaves
land art 2 by schlobi on DeviantArt
land art 2 by ~schlobi on deviantART
the room is made out of sticks and wood
L'ivre de matieres & de couleurs
Andy Goldsworthy's "Oak Room"
a hole in the ground surrounded by water and yellow leaves with a spiral design on it
Between Dèjä ௵ vU
Andy Goldsworthy
a man kneeling down next to a white vase on top of a leaf covered ground
Andy Goldsworthy
Andy Goldsworthy (Ice sculpture)
a tree that is standing in the snow with some tape on it's branches
Andy Goldsworthy -Mother Nature with a bit of help......beautiful!
an ice ball sitting on top of a rock covered in snow
Nothing Gold Can Stay
Andy Goldsworthy
a circular design made out of tracks in the snow
Andy Goldsworthy
a man kneeling down next to a snowman in the woods with trees and branches covered in snow
Log in
Andy Goldsworthy
yellow flowers are arranged in rows on the wooden walkways that lead up to trees
Land Art