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a piece of paper with the words your future needs you
mrsandmrstyles †
a text message that reads worrying about needing to do stuff is usually more exhaust than doing the stuff if you want to feed a problem
Woman Has Had Enough Of Her BF Repeatedly Drinking Too Much, She Leaves Him To Handle It Alone
a poem written in black and white with the words, this hit home for me
the text on this page is clearly visible for us to see, and it's not
donna tartt <3
a poem written in black and white with an image of a house near the ocean
a black and white photo with the words who knows why we were taught to fear the witches, and not those who burned them alive
Because the witches were the ones who weren't conforming to society.
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a woman walking in the woods with text that reads, 60 powerful quotes that make you think
60 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes That Make You Think
a quote that reads keep a notebook travel with it, eat with it, sleep with it
Your Reading List Just Got Longer