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a woman sitting on a chair next to a piece of art that looks like women
The 2013 Woolwrights Tea Cozy
The 2013 Woolwrights Tea Cozy - Woolwrights Rug Hooking Guild
a red rug with colorful flowers and leaves on the bottom, in front of a white background
Wendy's Garden Floral Hand Hooked Wool Area Rug in Brown/Red/Orange
a multicolored area rug with flowers on it
Pine in Gold Meadow by Deanne Fitzpatrick
a painting on the wall of a house by the water with blue sky and clouds in the background
nine square pieces of beaded artwork hanging on a wall
Country Walks by Deanne Fitzpatrick
six paintings are hanging on the wall
a painting with many colors and shapes on it
Deanne Fitzpatrick Rug Hooking Studio
this is an image of a painting on the ground with red flowers in front of it
there are some crocheted items on top of the table cloths and scissors
New Wool Packets to inspire you
a blue cabinet with a painting on the wall above it and a horse figurine next to it
a knitted rug with a sheep and flowers on it