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several wooden posts with plants growing out of them on the ground in front of some trees
How to Make Good Use of Old Firewood
there is a fence that has been made out of wood and rocks, along with some plants
the garden is filled with different types of plants and trees, including purple flowers in the foreground
tuinontwerp duintuin in Haarlem — Tuinontwerp of tuinarchitect? Wij ontwerpen tuinen om in te leven.
the garden is full of different types of trees and shrubs, including one with stepping stones on it
Railway Sleepers
a small garden area with rocks and gravel
Holzpfähle aus Robinie - Robinienholz im Garten
an outdoor garden with flowers and rocks in front of a fenced in area next to a building
11 frische Ideen für die Dekoration Ihres Gartens mit Holzstämmen - Neu
a mailbox is on the side of a wooden fence in front of a house
Features Outside
a garden with lots of plants next to a small pond and wooden fenced in area
North Nottingham wall from vertical used railway sleepers