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some type of font and numbers on a blue background
* Farewell Regular * Free font project*
Farewell Typeface designed by Marianela Grande
a woman's leg with a tattoo on it and her legs crossed out to the side
Pedrocontessoto @pedrocontessoto | Websta (Webstagram)
a woman's hand holding a pen over a notebook with an intricate design on it
mandala uploaded by Morenna Neris on We Heart It
black, mandala, and white image
two drawings on paper with pens and ink
a pen sitting on top of a piece of paper next to an ink drawing design
#SearchTattoo #Desenho #Tatuador #Japa ➙ @yukiotattoo
someone is drawing something on paper with markers
renda Mais
a tattoo on someone's arm that has a cross and arrow in the middle
Bracelete - Feita pelo Tatuador/Tattoo Artist: Flaviosouzarts . ℐnspiração 〰…
a woman's arm with a tattoo on it
"Side view -- @psycho_tattoo_studio" Photo taken by @flonuttall on Instagram, pinned via the InstaPin iOS App! (11/27/2015)
the word search is shown in red and white, with an arrow pointing to it
The Morse Code Treasure Hunt, part II
I would also really really really like a tattoo in morse code. We'll see!
the symbols for different types of women's bodies and their names in white on black
Im definitely getting a geometric tattoo one #tattoo patterns