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two paper plates with felt animals and leaves on them, one in the shape of a caterpillar
Raupe basteln mit Kindern – 37 einfache Bastelideen für den Frühling
a seahorse made out of tissue paper on a white wall with rainbows in it
Spring Crafts for Kids - Art and Craft Project Ideas for All Ages
the paper cut out for an insect craft
9 Free Printable Ladybug Templates (cute for coloring & crafts!)
a bunch of colorful buttons are in a basket on a white background with twine
(SOLD!)Easy DIY Hot air balloon Button Craft to Do At Home
a handprinted peacock with blue feathers on it's back and green envelope
Basteln mit 2-jährigen Kleinkindern: 20 Ideen mit Papier und Co.
a drawing of a lion's head with blue eyes and brown fur on it
| Basteln Mit Kleinkindern
a paper plate butterfly with dots on it
a paper plate with a lion face on it
Lion Craft for Kids Using a Fork
a yellow sunflower with green leaves is shown in a white frame
four handprinted trees with colored dots on them
Four Season Handprint Tree