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a white shelf with shells and a plant in it next to a wall mounted potted plant
an assortment of plates hanging on a wall with tassels attached to the hooks
Clay wallhanger Inspiration
some crafting supplies on a wooden table with the words diy, suspensions de noel en carton
DIY ◊ Suspensions de Noël en carton ◊ Isadora Delarose
DIY ◊ Suspensions de Noël en carton ◊ Isadora Delarose
a gift wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine
diy clay gift tags/ornaments
white tags and tags with black writing are arranged on a gray cloth covered tablecloth
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sprunting | in pursuit of the good life: CHRISTMAS DIY: clay ornaments
three tags that say merry, bright, twinkle, blissen
some white heart shaped cookies with names on them in a cardboard box, tied with twine
V+P WEDDING bodas y algo más, ideas para bodas, On top, weddings - Macarena Gea