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lettuce growing in the garden with green leaves
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perfect, organic, fresh, delicious, pesticide-free aeroponic lettuce
some green plants are in a vase on the table and someone is holding them up
Fresh. Perfect. Clean. Whole-heads. Healthy. Organic. Aeroponic lettuces that save energy and water. What more can we say?
some green leaves are laying on the ground
We're growing with our aeroponic systems, the most perfect and delicious lettuce you'll ever see or taste -- and it's all organic, fresh and clean.
several rows of green plants are shown in the middle of each row, and there is no image here to provide a caption for
We've tested many varieties of lettuce: batavia, butterhead, green oakleaf, salanova and more. And they're all perfect, delicious, and super-organic.
a person holding up a bunch of green lettuce in a greenhouse with roots sticking out of it
Quite possibly the most beautiful, tasty, organic and eco-friendly lettuce you will ever taste.
someone is holding up some plants in a pot with roots growing out of the ground
Our leaf vegetables are grown aeroponically -- without soil, without pesticides, without wastage.
some green leafy vegetables are growing in a greenhouse
Our perfect kale. A clean, green superfood packed with nutrients and zero pesticides.
several rows of lettuce growing in a greenhouse
Cultivars are placed and grown on mobile A-frames with roots hanging in the air. CombaSystem operates in a climate-controlled environment for year-round production.
several rows of lettuce growing in an indoor greenhouse with water coming from the roof
Aeroponic lettuce. Molodin. Combagroup SA