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an image of the human body with labels on it and labeled in english, french, and spanish
La digestion des aliments - Cours SVT 5ème | Vive les SVT ! Les sciences de la vie et de la Terre au collège et au lycée - Cours de SVT en ligne -
Se repérer sur la journée - ABCD Education, Routine, Organization, Blog, Au, Handicap, Cognitive, Peda, Baseball Cards
Se repérer sur la journée
Se repérer sur la journée - ABCD
french language activities for children to learn in the classroom with pictures and words on them
Supports pour la météo
L'article initial s'est perdu dans les turbulences et les limbes cybernétiques ... je vous repropose donc mes étiquettes à utiliser pour le rituel météo d'arrivée en classe. Les planches...
a bear with a scarf around its neck and the words additions jusque 100
Additions jusque 100 (sans passage)
the printable worksheet is on top of a wooden table
Ein Arbeitsblatt um die Lernwörter zu üben ist das "Lernwörterknicki". Erst m
Ein Arbeitsblatt um die Lernwörter zu üben ist das “Lernwörterknicki”. Erst m - #Arbeitsblatt #das #die #ein #Erst #ist #Lernwörter #Lernwörterknicki #schule #Üben #um #zu
this is an image of a paper clock
Telling Time in First Grade
Clock mat and a dry erase marker is the perfect small group activity or center {Big Telling Time blog post at the link!!}
the fact flueny game is shown with numbers and fractions on pink paper
How to make cut and pastes into reusable centers! So many great math ideas and activities!
four different color cards with the same number and one word on them, in front of black
Miss Giraffe's Class: Fact Fluency in First Grade
a poster with the words post it math and a photo of a boy holding up a sign
Post-It Math Activity for Teaching Addition - Busy Toddler
Post-it Math Activity for Kids #busytoddler #toddler #toddleractivity #easytoddleractivity #indooractivity #toddleractivities #preschoolactivities #homepreschoolactivity #playactivity #preschoolathome #playingpreschool
lego addition printable math game for kids to practice their number recognition skills and help them learn how to use it
LEGO Addition Mats Printable Math Activity - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
LEGO Addition Printable Math Games! Fantastic educational way to use LEGO!
a clock with different animals and numbers on it
Une horloge miracle !
Outils pour la classe - Filaphinou va à l'école