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a painting of a monkey in a suit and tie with a dog wearing a hat
donald roller wilson
The Constant Gatherer: donald roller wilson
a painting of a woman and a fox sitting on top of a rock in the snow
"Mais si tu m'apprivoises, nous aurons besoin l'un de l'autre. Tu seras pour moi unique au monde. Je serai pour toi unique au monde." - Le Petit Prince - de Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
an old man laying in bed next to a green table
Sven Nordqvist «История о том, как Финдус потерялся, когда был маленький» — Картинки и разговоры
a painting of a boy with wings flying over a hill
Сказочное настроение в иллюстрациях Cheryl Baker
Сказочное настроение в иллюстрациях Cheryl Baker
a painting of a woman cutting into a giant white animal with wings and tail, surrounded by other items
This Japanese artist created big cuddly animal to soothe people, making us feel better - Awesome
an image of a bunch of animals that are on top of a tree branch with the words, hoard of squirrels
*eats your cats food and makes them watch*
iguanamouth: “ UNUSUAL HOARD commission for orannisthesquirrelking of INCREDIBLY a bunch of squirrels, how do they keep em all here without them fighting each other, who knows ”
an illustration of two children playing in the grass, one girl is falling to the ground
<너의 숲이 되어줄게> 내 머리 위 커다란 하늘 들판 위에 누워 두 팔을 크게 벌리면, 내 머리 위 커다란 하늘도 내가 살고 있는 이 큰 숲도 모두 내 것이 된 것만 같아요. - (…
a painting of a woman in a field with a dog looking up at the sky
기지개를 켜요. 오늘 하루 어땠나요? 아침부터 저녁까지 꼬박 해야 할 일에 정신없이 치이던 하루는 아니었나요? 오늘이 어떻게 지나가는 지도 모르게 오후가 끝나가는 지금. 숨을 한번 크게 들이쉬고 두 팔을 머리 위로 쭉,…
an image of a painting that looks like it is in the middle of a forest
Lazy summer afternoon with Totoro.
a painting of a woman sitting on a tree branch with two cats and a quilt
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Deshilachado: Puntadas 632
a drawing of a wolf standing in front of a tree with the moon above it
Wolf,owl,and moon. As owl guides me, the wolf gives me strength.....the moon moves me.