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three white towels with green leaves on them in a wooden bowl next to dried flowers
Wild Fern Napkins - Set of 4 Woodland Style Napkins
a person is cutting leaves on a piece of paper
Stunning Silk Eco Printing
Simple instructions to figure out the mysteries of Eco Printing on silk. Full explanation with detailed pictures. Make your own Silk Scarves!
a close up of a green refrigerator with a roll of toilet paper on it
How to Adjust the Tension on a Sewing Machine: 13 Steps
BEST explanation I've read yet on adjusting the tension on your sewing machine! Simple and easy to remember. Tighten the tension and "pull the knots up" if the knots appear on the bottom side of the sewn seam. Loosen the tension and "drop the knots down" if the knots are on the top surface. Higher number = tighter, lower number = looser.
instructions to make sock monkey puppets for kids
How to make a Sock Monkey - MollyMooCrafts
A classic and trusted sidekick - so that's how they are made step by step instructions from abeautifulmess .....
four pillows are sitting on the window sill, one is green and orange with red bows
Stoffe als Meterware, Wolle, Hobby und Nähzubehör
so sweet...scrap buster...