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an image of a woman in the woods with horns on her head and red eyes
Fantasy Character
a woman sitting on top of a chair next to a spider web
The realm of dark elves
a woman in armor holding two swords
Elf Commander by Grafit-art on DeviantArt
Elf Commander by Grafit-art
a man in armor holding two swords and wearing white hair, standing on a dark background
[OC] Rhandir, Drow Rogue commission
[OC] Rhandir, Drow Rogue commission : characterdrawing
an image of a man in armor with two swords on his hands and one arm outstretched
Elfo Selvagem
a black and white drawing of a young man with long hair, wearing a shirt
FAN ART GALLERY: Questionable Wisdom | Critical Role
a painting of a man holding a ball in his hand and wearing a horned headdress
Inelan by Angevere on DeviantArt
Avatar, Fantasy Male
Elf Wizard and his apprentice by Oana-D on DeviantArt
Blood Hunter, Dark Elf
DnD Monks/Archers/More Fighters
a drawing of a man with a cat on his shoulder and cape over his shoulders
Dawn Carlos on Twitter
Character, Dragon
an image of a woman in the middle of a night sky with her hands on her heart
Explorer's Guide to Wildemount art, Irina Nordsol Kuzmina