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Crazy guitar playing 😜
Excuse me, what exactly is going on here? 😜
Rattlesnake tail musical instrument
a black truck with a woman playing the piano on it's side and buildings in the background
“Concert Truck” Tours Dallas Neighborhoods This Holiday Season | Art&Seek
The Dallas Symphony Orchestra is hitting the streets for the holidays with the help of "The Concert Truck." Baltimore-based pianists Susan Zhang and Nick Luby created the venue-on-wheels in 2016, looking for ways to take their passion for chamber music outside of the concert hall. "So, Nick came up with this concept actually to convert a box truck into a mobile venue," Zhang said. Since then, the 16-foot Concert Truck has presented shows in city streets and at schools, parks and neighborhoods ac
Chris Rodrigues, The Spoon Lady - Angels In Heaven
♾️ POV: A Monday Morning Wake Up Call With Breakfast. Idk Cello Tho.