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there is a little boy that is sitting in front of some potted plants and flowers
My Cute Krishna 🥰🫂🙏🏻✨
Look at this cute picture of LittleKrishna! He's wearing a bright red dress andsitting on the lawn. Isn't he adorable?His eyes are full of mischief and he looks so sweet! Jia Shree Krishna Jai Bhagya lashkmi
the statue is decorated with colorful garlands and flowers in front of an ornate white wall
a statue of a man sitting in the air
a painting of a woman with her eyes closed and hands clasped in front of her face
a person holding their hand in the shape of a hamsa with an evil face on it
Pramod Hegde (@indianguru15) • Photos et vidéos Instagram Videos, Instagram, Hindu Deities, Hindu Gods, Hindu Mythology, Lord Vishnu Wallpapers, Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna
Pramod Hegde (@indianguru15) • Photos et vidéos Instagram
the avatar of lord rama is depicted in this artistic painting, which depicts his four avatars
#bhaktivedanta #viratroop #heykrishna #heymadhav #sarvgun #sampann
the two avatars of lord rama are depicted in this artistic painting