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a large white bowl sitting on top of a wooden shelf with stars and stripes painted on it
Happy Birthday America!
All-American collection (HAVE)
several baskets are hanging on the wall above a table with an american flag and other patriotic items
Longaberger Woven Tranditions Clock, Pail Baskets, and Woven Flag fit right in with my office decor.
baskets are lined up on a table in front of an american flag hanging above it
a wooden shelf filled with lots of dishes and christmas decorations on top of it's shelves
Collection of Longaberger baskets & pottery displayed on a hutch w/ greenery.
a shelf filled with baskets and dishes on top of a wall
Old cupboard filled with miniature baskets and accessories.
a shelf filled with baskets next to a red wall
May series baskets
a room filled with lots of wooden shelves and baskets
a fire place with baskets and candles on it
a table with two baskets on it and some pine cones in the basket under them
Grace & Abundance
baskets and other items are arranged on a shelf
a wooden dresser topped with bowls and plates next to a shelf filled with other items
In my kitchen. Love my Longaberger!
grandma bonnie longabenger's apple pie filling and crust recipes porch swing memories news
Grandma Bonnie Longaberger’s Apple Pie Filling and Crust Recipes
an old recipe book with pies and apple pie on the cover is sitting on a granite countertop
Grandma Bonnie's pie crust and apple pie recipe