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There is right and wrong but the heart is never wrong.
a drawing of a mouth with the words mean's on it and a stethoscope in its mouth
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a barbie doll with the words, keep your two cents princessdiana 209 you look broke
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an image of a woman with blue eyes holding a snake in her hand and the caption says, to anyone who has ever made me feel like
Been through it all, and now I stand ABOVE them all.
a woman's legs and heels with the words own the ground you walk on
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
a drawing of a woman with horns on her head and the words, i don't care what you think of me
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a woman's face with her hands on her face and the words make sure you don
an image of a quote that reads, she looked back on her life and realizing that everything that happened is happening only made her strong
a woman with red hair wearing a black hat and sitting on a couch in front of curtains
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Free Dangerous Bitch.gif phone wallpaper by whytchocolate30
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a drawing of a woman with a rose on her head and the words don't crave the rose if you can't handle the horns